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Now I am One

  • I started to walk in September
  • I can say "duck" - my FIRST word
  • I can feed myself with a spoon - but it's VERY messy
  • I go to childcare one day a week
  • I have four top teeth and two bottom teeth
  • I flew to Cairns and stayed in a resort with my mum
  • I went to the Olympics


Look Out!!
I'm coming to get you

Liam - July 2000

Liam - July 2000

After a bath

Where did all the blonde hair come from??

Learning to walk - August 2000

Hey, I can pull Daddy's hair when I'm up here!

Why won't the balloon come back? - August 2000

Liam - August 2000

I canfeed myself
but it's messy
August 2000

Liam and his friend James

Liam and his friend Louie



These graphics are from:
Mommy's Graphics