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Liam turned on Monday 9th July 2001

Liam received lots of fun presents for his birthday.
Among his favourites were his new tent and train set.

On his birthday Liam took a trip on the Light Rail to the
Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbour. Even though
it was raining, we all had a fun-filled day.


Liam had a special Dorothy the Dinosaur birthday cake which
he loved looking at so much that it didn't get eaten!


Taking a look inside the tent

Kaboobie checks out the tent


Look everyone, there's presents in the tent!

ANOTHER Wiggles video!

Getting some help from Dad

Looking at his new Wiggles rug

Dancing boy

I can do two things at once!

Taking a ride on the tram

Standing in the wet at Darling Harbour


Dorothy the Dinosaur cake

Home made by Andrea

Admiring the cake ...
... and NO that's not a wound in Dorothy's head - it's a rose (or it was supposed to be, but the icing was too runny!)




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