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Eight to Nine Months
Liam isn't crawling yet but he can still move about the floor by rolling.
Liam has started swimming classes again and enjoys his time in the pool.
On Feb 2nd Liam had his first trip to the beach where he swam with his dad in the surf
and cried when he got sand on his hands!

On February 20 Liam cut his FIRST TOOTH which was joined by a second one a week later.

Liam is now a well-travelled little boy - and he's only 8 months old!
He flew business class with his mum to visit his grandparents in Adelaide in early February
and at the end of the month he flew to LONDON with both his parents.

Liam spent most of the month of March in the UK.
You can read all about Liam's trip to London and take a look at some photos of the trip.
If you have time you can also see pictures of Liam with his new friend Keon on his website

Liam's major achievement this month was to learn to SIT all by himself without falling which gives him a whole new perspective for playing!!
He has also learned how to make kissing sounds and will even share them with strangers!


Liam at 7.5 months outside his house
Liam's first trip to the beach
Clovelly Beach, Feb 2 2000
Liam with his Granny and Grumps in Adelaide
Liam enjoying himself in a Jolly Jumper Bathtime!!!
Liam and his dad in the loungeroom
March 2000