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Liam's FIRST birthday
9th July 2000
Liam turned ONE on Sunday 9 July 2000.

Although he was still suffering from a nasty cold he spent the day with friends and family at his PARTY!

There were about 20 guests at his party, including his paternal grandparents from Canberra, his great-grandparents from Bargo and his Aunty who is also from Canberra.

There was plenty of food and drink and the birthday cake was in the shape of a jack-in-the-box!

Even though he had been sick Liam still managed to join in the fun - albeit from the safety of his mum's lap! He enjoyed opening his presents and looked on with bemusement as the cake was presented to him.

Photos from the Big Day

Hand-made party decorations by Andrea

Opening presents in the morning

In his party hat

Liam's Jack-in-the-box cake
made by Kathryn

Ready to blow out the candles

Liam's mum at her 1st birthday
November 1971


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