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April 2000

Liam's first Easter was spent at home with his mum and dad in Sydney.

On Good Friday we had lunch with Esther and Dan in their new flat. As it was a nice sunny day we decided to leave the car at home and walk. Liam rode along in his pram, watching the scenery and chattering away in babytalk.

Easter Saturday was spent with our other friends Louise and Robert. We had arranged to have a picnic but after a slight mixup with the venue we ended up eating lunch at home. But we did manage to catch up for coffee and cake later in the afternoon.

This year the Easter Bunny ran out of eggs before he reached our house!! But as Liam is too little for chocolate he enjoyed some Hot Cross Buns with his mum and dad instead. In the afternoon we all went for a long walk around Iron Cove.

On Easter Monday Liam joined his baby buddies from mothers' group for a BBQ. Ten nine-month-old babies, all dressed in white, and their parents arrived at Karen and Timothy's house for a fun afternoon. The babies had their photos taken with bunny ears on - but they didn't like it too much!!


See some photos of Liam's easter!!

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