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The Twelth Month
Liam is nearly one year old, it's hard to believe that he was once a teeny tiny baby who did nothing but sleep and drink!

He is is getting to be such a fast crawler these days, it's hard to keep up. And he has been letting go and standing for a few seconds lately. The house has been "Liam-proofed" - a gate has been installed across the kitchen doorway and now Liam is banned from going in there. He finds the little cat biscuits iresistable (yuck) and tries to pull the fridge plug out of the wall so it is now a no-go zone for babies. The video cabinet and the cabinet where the stereo are now secured after Liam managed to open the CD player and pull himself up using the CD drawer!!

Liam has developed a cute obsession with favoured objects lately. For example, a couple of weeks ago he carried around an avocado seed (it's like a wooden ball) for a couple of days and his current favoured playthings are two Tazos given to him by his mum's cousin. They are two discs that are covered in reflectors but he loves them! He won't give them away to his mum or dad - normally he will hand over toys if asked but he is not giving these up! He carries them around in his hands even when he is crawling and he cries at bedtime when they are put away for the day. It's quite cute!

June has been a month of change for Liam and his family. His mum is coming to the end of her maternity leave and returned to work for two days a week on the 29th. Liam started going to childcare for these two days. This was a little scary for him at first but he is getting used to his little playmates and the carers.

More pictures of Liam!!!

Waiting for the bath to fill

"Let me OUT!!"

"I'm NOT tired!!"

Partners in Crime
Liam and Kaboobie

After a bath

"I can do this by MYSELF"

"YUM - I just LOVE pasta!!"

Liam with his Tazo treasures

Ready for his first day at childcare


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