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Trip to Perth
Western Australia

January 22 - February 4 2001

Safety Bay is the name of the body of water near Andrea's parent's house in WA
LEFT: Fishermen and pelicans on Tern Island
TOP RIGHT: View of Safety Bay where we went swimming
BOTTOM RIGHT: View of Safety Bay from Penguin Island
INSET: a Little Penguin

Andrea, Liam and Anthony at King's Park which is a Royal Botanic Garden overlooking Perth City

Liam gets a piggyback ride at Perth Zoo

Liam shows the animals his belly at the zoo

Liam tries to wake his granddad by climbing on him
Perth Zoo

Rockingham is the city where Andrea's parents live.
We spent a few afternoons in the park at Rockingham Beach
TOP LEFT: Shoalwater Islands Marine Park
TOP RIGHT: Rockingham City Council Offices (about their only decent building LOL)
BOTTOM LEFT: Palm Beach Cafe strip where we ate yummy icecreams!
BOTTOM RIGHT: Panoramic view from the top of Penguin Island - we climbed to this lookout, at low tide it is possible to walk across the sandbar to the island but we took the ferry
INSET: another Little Penguin

Liam walks along Rockingham Beach

Liam attempts to liberate a beach ball
Rockingham Beach
Australia Day
Jan 26 2001