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Liam's Growth Statistics
Birth to One Year
in grammes
in pounds
Birth 50cm 3500g 7lb 11oz 35cm
One month not taken 5000g
clothed weight
11 lb 36.8cm
Two Months not taken 5925g 13lb 1oz 40cm
Three Months not taken 6500g 14lb 7oz not taken
Four Months 65.5cm 6550g 15lb 3oz 41.1cm
Five Months 69cm 7300g 16lb 2oz 42.6cm
Six Months 70cm 7600g 16lb 13oz 43.6cm
Seven Months 72cm 8005g 17lb 12oz 44.2cm
Eight Months 73cm 8400g 18lb 8oz 45cm
Nine Months 73.5cm 8650g 19lb 1oz 46cm
Ten Months c74cm 9250g 20lb 6oz not taken
Eleven Months 75cm 9550g 21lb 1oz 46.5cm
Twelve Months 75.5cm 9200g 20lb 5oz not taken
Liam was only weighed without clothes in hospital and at his first clinic visit at 2.5 weeks. At each subsequent visit he was weighed fully clothed and this is why he seems to have put on so much weight in the first month!
Liam was quite sick with a viral chest infection for about three weeks and he lost weight