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Photos of the House exterior

Anthony standing in the double garage

The house with the brickwork almost completed
the tree had to be removed as it was blocking the driveway

The left side of the house with roller doors and exterior doors installed

Front of the house with doors installed
Side of the house facing into the backyard
you can see the kitchen window and rumpus sliding door

Other side of the house
from left: laundry door, bathroom window, bathroom window, garage external door and window

Back of house taken from left hand corner of backyard
from left: rumpus sliding door and two bedroom windows

Back of house taken from right hand corner of backyard with view of the two bedroom windows

Front of house with view of gable - this will be painted

Front entrance of house with valance rail installed - this will also be painted

The backyard

The side coutryard

Rock carvings in the park which is being built at the end of our street

View of the park during construction