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Kaboobie the Cat
Kaboobie the cat is a three and a half year old DSH cat (that means she is just an ordinary cat in the eyes of breeders but not to us!)
Kaboobie came into our lives in February 1997, a few months after we were married. We went out to the RSPCA one morning "just to look" at some cats as we had toyed with the idea of getting a pet for some time.
When we arrived at the centre we strolled around the cattery trying to choose a cat. It was quite hard as there were so many kittens to choose from. When we first walked by Kaboobie's cage she was asleep and so we didn't pay much attention to her. But when we walked by the second time she had woken and started to miaouw at us. We started to walk away but she kept calling out to us with her little cat cries and started to climb up the wall of her cage. We walked around to the other side of the cattery but she just climbed up the other side of her cage and kept crying out to us. Well, it didn't take much convincing after her performance and we took her home that day.

Kaboobie is named after Kaboobie the Flying Camel from the 60s cartoon SHAZZAN! We had decided one drunken evening that if we ever got an animal it would be called Kaboobie and the name stuck (plus we couldn't think of anything better!)

Kaboobie is a feisty girl. She likes to chase and pounce on her humans. Scratching and biting are not uncommon in Kaboobie's games. But she also likes to curl up with her humans in winter. Kaboobie also enjoys ball games in the backyard - but only if she is feeling like it! She can chase and catch a ping pong ball or bouncy ball.

Kaboobie has had her share of adventures. She was lost for a whole weekend when she was a few months old. She was trapped beneath the neighbour's house and we had given her up for dead until we heard some tiny cries in our front yard. We eventually managed to rescue Kaboobie by breaking the vent in the bricks of the house next door - but luckily our neighbour was an animal lover!!
She also was trapped overnight in another neighbour's garage and had to be rescued as she was too frightened to come out on her own. But since she has grown older, Kaboobie has become a little more wiser and doesn't get lost anymore

Kaboobie's place as the "baby" in the family was usurped in 1999 by baby Liam. At first she was quite upset by the arrival of the new bundle but has grown to tolerate him. Now that Liam is mobile Kaboobie will be kept on her toes as the baby ADORES her, and pulling her tail!!