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The System

With this system you are not tied down to a rigid meal plan nor do you have to go out and buy a huge deep freeze. The information provided here will help you to maintain a semi-organised meal system which allows room for improvisation and last minute changes.

The main objectives behind this system are to:

  1. Save money
  2. Avoid food wastage (and therefore money wastage)
  3. Provide variety
  4. Make grocery shopping less of a brain strain
  5. Avoid the "what's-for-dinner" doldrums

So how does this system work?

Well, it's basically just a list of complete meals that you have in stock which you keep on the fridge door and cross off as you use one.

Sounds simple doesn't it?

Well it is in principle, but in practice you need to maintain a fairly well organised system so that you have all the necessary ingredients to cook all of the meals on your list. There is no point in listing ten exotic dishes if all you have in your pantry is a can of tuna!